Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Why would He call if it was impossible to reach Him?"

Letter #8 from the "Called to be More" pilgrimage:

Dear friend in Christ,
It has been a blessing to meet you! Know that you are in our prayers as we continue our journey.

The purpose of this letter is to answer for you, “What does it mean to be called to be more?” Just as we are travelers on a journey this week, our entire life is a journey. A journey to our final destination and forever home – heaven. This road that we travel is a difficult one, but we are filled with hope because of all the grace our dear Lord sends us to help us on our way. He is so loving, and He would never abandon us; He always helps us and pours out His mercy upon us. Why would He call if it was impossible to reach Him? He is calling us to be with Him, and He is calling us to continue whole-heartedly on the road to holiness which leads to heaven. This is how we travel: by doing God’s will. And what a beautiful path, because we cannot be happy apart from His will! Praise the Lord for His goodness!

God, the Ultimate Giver, has blessed us abundantly. His blessings, however, are not what we seek. He gives His gifts to draw us to Himself. Let us always see the Giver in the gifts. We are seeking the face of God. We are seeking eternal heaven. It’s so amazing because God is with us, and not only that, but we can begin heaven on earth by praising Him! He is good, and His love is everlasting!

Christ be with you, dear friend, and may God speed your steps along the road to heaven!

Your fellow traveler,

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