Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"I'm no longer settling for less"

Our sixth "Called to be More" vocations pilgrimage letter:

Dear, Friend in Christ
Now I’m sure there are quite a few thoughts running through your head about why I am traveling with a group that is parading through Cincinnati. You see I lived my life by the “Norm” which is, following what society “told me” to do. For example, how to dress, how to style my hair or even how to love…The message was always, “do what makes you happy”. But in the end this broken message left me empty and hungry for the true meaning of what it means to be, “called to be more”. All through my teenage years I searched for the answer to his question. And in the end it became clear to me that the, “call to be more” is doing exactly the opposite of how I’ve been trying to live my life. Instead of trying to “fit in” I am now on the path to trying to be myself in the way God intended me to be. Therefore, I’m no longer settling for less by following the degrading standers of society which only apply to my physical appearance. Instead, I’m developing the gifts God has given to me Spiritual AND Physical as a Human Being.
God Bless!

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