Friday, July 8, 2011

"A calling that requires sacrifice"

Here is the ninth "Called to be More" vocations pilgrimage letter:

“What does it mean that you are called to be more?”

Deep down inside the Lord calls us to great things ( he called Mary to be the mother of God, Moses to save a nation, saints to holy and great lives, etc...) we see that all through out history God calls everyone to greatness. In 1 Samuel 3: 1 - 10 we can see that the Lord's callings are also individual and personal, because, just as he called Samuel by name, so does he call everyone to a personal and unique calling by name.

The world (referring to a world ruled and deceived by sin, often times today referred to as the media) tries to hide this calling, it tries to "sweep it under the rug", and often times the world tries to confuse and lie to us about God's calling. It tries to convince us that following God's individual calling will not reward us with happiness and joy, when in all actuality, God's calling will bring us exactly that (happiness and joy). Why does the world do this? Well, God's calling requires sacrifice, a sacrifice (yourself) that the world says is not worth the reward. What is the reward? Eternal peace and Happiness in Heaven, and if we follow and listen to this calling we can even experience a small fraction of this eternal kingdom of peace on earth!

However, since Heaven is not a tangible, easily attainable (in the world’s eyes) , or a quickly gained thing, the world lies about it and says it's not worth the temporary sacrifices on earth, or that it's not real. This world has come to focus solely on its self. It desires only that which brings instant self gratification to the individual. The world seeks to do whatever is needed for only a small and fast feeling that has been reduced and abused from what originally was a great love.

Every individual on earth is called to something greater than world says they are called to. The Lord gave us each other to assist one another and to aid one another in acquiring Heaven, not to uproot each other and tear one another down for our own personal gain. When I hear that we are called to be more, that means that someone, or something (in our case the world) is trying to make us something less than we are called to be. I believe that this calling to be more from God wants us to break away from the lies that the world has created and find the truth. This calling to be more requires us to sacrifice for and love one another. This calling to be more is the will of God, which, since God knows and desires to help you do that which will make you at peace and happy, this calling is also the desire and will of your heart.

We are all called to more than the world says we are called to. We are called to follow God's will, to build one another up, to love, and to sacrifice for and with one another so that one day we may live in complete union with God in Heaven. That is more than the world will ever understand, that's why we are called to help them to understand. This calling to be more is a calling that requires sacrifice but that will lead us to unimaginable happiness and will allow us to show the world the splendor and power of the Lord through us. Trust in the Lord your God and follow his calling, for he will grant you peace through that.

Christ's peace and love,


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  1. We are all called to be "Holy" and to follow Jesus in all His ways. God bless and we are thankful Our Lord has woven our life yours. You have been a great example for everyone in our life.
    Nanna and Pop