Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Everyone is 'called to be more'"

Here's letter #7 from a "Called to be More" pilgrim:

Dear Friend in Christ,
What does it mean to be called to be more? First when we are saying called we are not talking of a phone conversation but instead a call from God. This is sort of like a vocation in which we try to discern God’s will for us. On this trip that is exactly what we are trying to do. However this calling is not directly intended to be at our vocation rather it is to be directed towards God’s glory in this present moment. Then what does in mean to be more? To be more would be to improve oneself or ones ability to do things. For example an athlete that was trying to “be more” would be striving to be the best athlete that he can be. However to become an exceptional athlete and to strive to be the best, he can not sit around and hope that he will get better. Rather he must train his mind and body to become the best. This is the same with the calling. Since it is a calling that can only be heard in ones heart, the person must strive to hear that calling and to answer it. Like the athlete the discerner will train his mind and heart to hear what God is saying then he will respond as best as he can. Called to be more is then not just a calling or just a striving to be better but it is a combination of the two. Called to be more therefore means that God is calling us into deeper and more sincere prayer, service, and holiness in everyday life. Called to be more is God’s small everyday ways of inviting us to become closer to Him and to each other.
Some practical ways that the faithful can better hear Gods Call to be More is through more frequent reception of the sacraments. This could mean mass more regularly but it also means frequenting confession. Another way is to set aside time everyday to pray. Even ten minutes in prayer in a quiet place is all that it takes to improve ones faith life. Everyone is “Called to be More” that is that everyone is called to grow in holiness and then to respond to God’s calling in order to grow closer to him.

Your Brother in Christ

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