Friday, July 1, 2011

"How great is the joy of knowing the reality of Christ's call"

Here is a second letter from a "Called to be More" pilgrim:

When I think of the phrase “Called to be More”, the first image that comes to mind is that of me standing before some great king, or explorer, or missionary; a man enfolded in some epic mission, who is asking me to be a part of his legacy. He goes further, explaining that, in order for his mission to be successful, he will need me to follow him where ever he leads, dress as he dresses, speak as he speaks, eat what he eats and drink what he drinks, and suffer what he suffers. I am filled with excitement and joy at such a suggestion, finding fulfillment in being a part of a mission far greater than myself. I even become eager to sacrifice what is required of me for the mission’s success.

If this is the joy I receive at imagining some man beckoning me to follow him, how much greater is my joy at the calling of Christ! How great is the joy at knowing the reality of Christ’s call! Not only is this call real, but it is also infinitely greater than any calling I am capable of imagining! If I could hold this reality in my heart at all times, it would become increasingly impossible to sin, to turn from God. How could I look away from something this beautiful?

I will be honest and say that I have no idea what I will be doing twenty years from now, or even five years from now, or even one year from now. Unless it was revealed to me, I doubt that I could be capable of even guessing accurately. I do know, however, what I will be doing in the next hour, day, and week, so I feel that it is best for me to focus on living these things to reach the fulfillment of God’s call for me. What use would trying to look into the future be if I cannot do God’s will in what He desires me in the next five minutes? I know that if I make Him the focus of every thought and action, then my calling in life will just flow from the actions I commit to in everyday life.
- Colton

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