Saturday, July 23, 2011

Called to be More highlights -- #14

Highlight #14 – The generosity of others.

We live in a culture that says to receive makes one inferior. And so we avoid receiving at all costs. But on the Called to be More pilgrimage, we had to receive. And we were blown away by the generosity of others. Parishes provided incredible meals – homemade spaghetti and pasta sauce, pizza, homemade blueberry sauce on pancakes, tacos, breakfast sandwiches, etc. People met up with us to bring water, knee braces and extra baby wipes to make up for the lack of showers. Pastors greeted us. DRE’s and youth ministers brought us cold water and snacks. Strangers prayed for us. Six additional adults walked with us.

We had a roof over our heads every night. We only had to buy one meal on the road. We left the pilgrimage with more snacks than we before we left Cincinnati. We received encouraging e-mails and messages throughout the pilgrimage.

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