Monday, July 4, 2011

"Jesus has given me freedom"

Letter #5 from the "Called to be More" pilgrims:

Dear Friend in Christ,
I am writing you this letter because I have come to the realization that both you and I are called to more. As I entered my teenage years I began believing the lies of the media and materialism around me. In searching for my purpose, I lost self control as I began settling in my base desires. What I looked like, what I owned and my popularity status were what defined me. Jesus has given me freedom. In fact, He was waiting to give it to me my entire life, but I had to say yes. He does not force His Love, but invites you to take hold of something greater than this world. Jesus died for us taking on the hurt and the pain of every sin we have ever and will ever commit. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and wants to free us from the pain of sin and slavery to this world. In humbling ourselves to Someone greater, we find a greater peace and an eternal joy to give to the world. This peace will bring you an internal joy allowing God to reflect His eternal love through you to a much desiring world. Slowly He will begin to transform souls through you, and you will finally understand your purpose. When you stop the world from using you and let God deeply into your heart, a slow but radiant transformation begins to take place as you begin to fill up and overflow with a love much deeper, much more authentic than anything else this world may try and offer.
In Christ’s Love,

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