Saturday, July 30, 2011

"One Mom's Modesty Manifesto"

This is a wonderful op-ed about modesty from a mother. It should be required reading for all parents, especially as the modesty issue heats up during the summer months.

A start:

But today we live with the fallout from the Sexual Revolution, which preached through the media, movies and music that sexuality is one thing, morality another. And girls should be as aggressive and uninhibited as guys.

What a radical departure from how God designed us. I remember when Samantha was a teenager. She and her friends would wear their dads’ T-shirts over their relatively modest bathing suits. They were uncomfortable exposing so much flesh.

Today’s girls, bombarded by Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, and more, have adapted to the hot water when they should have jumped out of the pot a long time ago. Unless they’ve been taught to seriously consider the message their clothing may be sending, they may be clueless about their own complicity in the sexualization of today’s teen culture.

My girls struggle with the desire to be hip and the desire to be pleasing to God. But in some ways they are fortunate. Sex is discussed frankly in our family. They’ve heard four big brothers explain how differently guys are affected by visual stimulation. They’ve been taught that they have a responsibility to be modest.

Read it all here.

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