Monday, July 11, 2011

Called to be More highlights -- #1

The “Called to be More” vocations walk is over. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that the walking 150 miles portion is over. The greatest aspect of the pilgrimage, in my opinion, is that its fruits remain largely a mystery. Still, there are many wonderful things to celebrate and reflect upon as we unpack (both literally and figuratively). In the next several days, expect to see some of the highlights from the journey.

Highlight #1: Joy in suffering.

This seemed to be a theme echoed by all of the pilgrims, teens and adults alike. To see a group of 15 people hobbling around with taped ankles, knee braces, Band-Aid-covered blistered feet, heat rash and sunburn, yet still smiling, laughing and joking was incredible. It wasn’t a shallow happiness either. The pilgrims were authentically joyful. There was a joy in viewing suffering through the “eloquence of the resurrection,” as Blessed John Paul II referred to it. There was a joy in knowing that God’s love was greater than any blister or shin split. There was a joy in knowing that God will transform the sufferings offered to Him, allowing them to bear great fruit. There was a joy in realizing that embracing the sufferings of the day united each pilgrim to the cross and to Christ in a greater way. And there was a joy in knowing that the suffering was a shared experience, a bond within the community.

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