Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Begin embracing your call to greatness"

Letter #3 from the "Called to be More" pilgrimage. We begin this journey tomorrow!

Dear Friend in Christ,

What does it mean that we are called to be more? I believe that each of us deep down desires greatness. It is something intrinsic to our humanity. Society futilely attempts to satisfy this desire by offering us money, fame, power, possessions, popularity, success, etc. Yet none of this can truly fulfill our desire for greatness. For our dignity and greatness lies not in anything we achieve, accomplish or posses but in who we are as persons created in the image and likeness of a loving and selfless God. We will only truly fulfill our desire for greatness when we accept God’s grace to become like Him and to be the presence of He who is Love and Truth in a world desperately in need of both. Thus, I challenge you today to begin embracing your call to greatness. Do not hide the beautiful potential of your life behind the comforts of the world, but embrace your call to be more. As our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI said “the world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort; you were made for greatness.”

Yours in Christ,

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