Monday, October 1, 2012

Quote book: St. Therese

Archbishop Fulton Sheen on St. Therese:

"The way of St. Therese is very easy.  It's living the life that you are living now, only making it holy.  You sacramentalize it.
For example, take the water in the baptismal font.  See how the Church uses that as a symbol for cleaning the soul?  The bread is matter that's used to communicate to you the divine life in the Eucharist, and oil is for healing in the Sacrament of the Sick.  So your housework, your office work, whatever you happen to do, that's where you start to be a saint.  There. What the Little Flower gives us is this supreme lesson in contrast with the past.  She's very modern.  There is no need of anyone wearing a hair shirt.  Our neighbors are hair shirts!  Life is a hair shirt!  We have to put up with it.
So if you want to know where you start to be a saint, start right where you are now.  Only want to be perfect, saying to God, 'I want everything.  I want You.'  That's love.  That's happiness."

- Excerpted from, "Archbishop Fulton Sheen's 'St. Thererse: A Treasured Love Story'"

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