Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not your everyday Hollywood stories

With the impending hurricane, I wanted to pre-post a bit.  Generally, I shy around from celebrity endorsements of life and authentic love.  For one, they are often prone to change their minds, leading the most vulnerable to question their own views.  And secondly, I'm not about to reduce the beauty of the Church's teaching to the soundbites of a few movie stars or singers.

But there have been a couple of stories lately that have caught my attention, and I think are still worth sharing:

Taylor Swift explained why her approach to clothing is much more modest than most would expect of a celebrity.  

Christian Bale recently spoke out against forced abortions in China.  

Does this mean Taylor Swift is a saint or that Christian Bale is the most pro-life man?  I'm not making celebrity endorsements, but I wanted to pass along these two stories as a little glimmer of hope.

*** This was pre-posted, since I anticipate the hurricane will impact my Internet access this week. 

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