Friday, October 12, 2012

"Why Contraception Doesn't Prevent Abortions"

Jennny always has a wonderful way with words. This time she tackles the ever-argued line of (il)logic that contraception prevents abortion.
"Look," the argument goes, "People are going to have sex - lots of it. They need to have access to substances or contraptions which prevent pregnancies from resulting from all that sex. Otherwise, the world will be overrun with unwanted adult fetuses. Can you imagine?!"
Contraception, in other words, is a solution to the problem of people. Too many, too closely-spaced in age, too much medical baggage, wrong chromosomal or genetic name it.

The thing is, abortion is also a solution to the problem of people. It's just a solution which acts a bit further down the line, in most cases.

So, go visit Jenny to hear the rest of Why Contraception Doesn't Prevent Abortions.

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