Saturday, October 20, 2012

Taking a look at "headship" in marriage, Part IV

To conclude our recent look at the nature of "headship" in marriage, I'd like to invite you to click to the links below for Church documents that explore the issue:

(“Redemptoris Custos,” #8 – John Paul II) (The whole apostolic exhortation is helpful on this point)
- Familiaris Consortio, #25 – John Paul II
- Mulieris Dignitatem, #10 – John Paul II
-- “Casti Connubi,” Pius XI, #26-30 
-- St. John Crysostom’s “Homily 20” on Ephesians 5 is also an excellent resource. 

On a more practical, psychological level, I know that the witness of a man who is strong in the faith, willing to lead, etc., is a tremendous example for children (boys and girls alike), as well as to his wife. Our society needs to see more men who are stepping out, confident in Christ, humble, and willing to live in service of love.

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