Thursday, October 18, 2012

Taking a look at "headship" in marriage, Part II

Continuing our look into the nature of "headship" in marriage ...

II. Is headship about power? 

If headship is about power, then women are right to be upset at the idea. Let’s think about the head of a body for a moment. The head cannot survive without its body. The body cannot survive without its head. Both serve different roles, but both are necessary. One is not better than the other. They are different, but they complement each other. They serve each other. Marital headship, properly understood, is about service and love, not about power.

III. Does a man being the head of the household mean the woman’s role is irrelevant, inferior or unimportant? 
This question was partially answered above. A woman’s role is no less important than a man’s. It is simply different. This difference is beautiful, necessary and good. This difference allows both man and woman to see – “I do not encompass the whole of reality. I will never be the opposite sex. I will never experience the world as someone from the opposite sex. Who I am is limited. I am creature.” But being a creature is good – it means I was created out of love by God, who is Love. It means that I was loved into existence, that God wanted to create me, though He did not have to create me.

The complementary roles of the sexual difference of men and women highlight that I come from someone and am created for someone. I am a gift.

Rather than extinguish the importance of a woman’s role, the man’s headship highlights, supports and unites with woman’s role. 

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