Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To follow through or not to follow through

A couple of years ago, during the inaugural young adult book study at Ruah Woods, we used Edward Sri's book, "Men, Women and the Mystery of Love." It's an excellent overview of Bl. John Paul II's pre-papal work, "Love and Responsibility." In any event, one of the sections that I have heard the participants quote to this day regards the way we use people. Sri's example is the friend who calls and asks if we would like to get together on Friday night. Our response? "Maybe. I'll have to see." And what we have to see is if something better comes along. Sri's point is that we are using our friends to see who can bring us the most pleasure. What if a better offer comes along?

Our generation is especially reluctant to commit to any number of things. Br. Tomas Rosado reflects on three steps to help us overcome our flakiness in his recent post on Dominicana:

What is at the root of the problem? Are people just overextended? Sometimes. Do people have shorter attention spans? Almost certainly. Is it just a matter of eating less sugar and more fish? Doubtful. The problem of not being able to persevere in tasks or decisions is not solely a problem for employers, but it is also a serious spiritual problem. “The one who perseveres to the end will be saved” (Mt 24:13). What is to become of us who cannot persevere?

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