Saturday, September 1, 2012

Being more than Doing

At the heart of Theology of the Body, I think, is the truth that our identity and dignity and unrepeatability is in our being, not in our doing.  It's a challenging thought and one that we continue to learn in new ways over and over again.  Cardinal Dolan recently tackled the topic:

Once, as a parish priest, I had the heart-wrenching duty of sitting with a family sobbing over their husband and dad’s suicide.  This young father had sunk into a deep depression six-months previously when he had lost his job.
He had left a note, somberly writing his wife and kids, “I’m of no use to you anymore because I can’t work.”
Never will I forget his ten-year old son tearfully whispering, “But he was still my dad.”
That boy got the distinction: his dad might not be able to do what most dads do — work, so the family could have what they need.  But, he was still his dad.
Being is more important than having or doing.

Read all that he has to say in the piece here.  It's a good (and short) read.

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