Thursday, September 20, 2012

Prayer request

Many are probably already aware of the story of Angela Faddis -- a devout Catholic 31 year old mother of two young children who is dying of Stage IV colon cancer. On the "Support Angela Faddis" facebook page, her husband, Chris, posted this picture with the words:

As if I could keep you longer, I placed this ring back on your finger today - it had fallen off a few times.

Oh that this ring could keep you here longer. It is a mark of our commitment, it is my promise to love you with my whole heart, and yet there is a love greater than mine that will take you soon. How could this mere piece of gold compare to the love of God which loves you completely, wholly, and perfectly?

It cannot, so I will hold your hand a little while longer, I will keep putting this ring back on your finger. But when the time comes and he asks you for your hand, you can go. Go to that perfect love which makes all things new. Go and be whole again. For now, till death do we part.

Please keep the Faddis family in your prayers today.

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