Friday, September 28, 2012

Archbishop Fulton Sheen -- the Uncle

This is an interesting interview with Archbishop Fulton Sheen's niece. She reminisces about personal stories about her uncle, whose cause for canonization is underway.
CWR: What was his personality like? He referred to himself as a serious man.
Cunningham: He was serious, but he also had a terrific sense of humor, and managed to see the humor in things. He knew how to have a belly laugh. In fact, two of his friends were comedians Jackie Gleason and Milton Berle. When my uncle visited California, they’d arrange to get together.
Two of his best friends were Bishop Toolen of Mobile, Alabama, and his brother, who was also a priest. They’d always play gags on one another. On Bishop Toolen’s birthday, for example, my uncle sent him a St. Bernard dog with a keg around his neck.
At home, he loved to introduce people to his dog Chumley. I don’t remember the breed, but it was a big dog. He trained Chumley himself. He’d say, “Come here, Chumley, and sit. It’s Lent, time to sacrifice.” And he’d balance a piece of meat on the dog’s nose. The dog wouldn’t move until he said, “Now, it’s Easter.” And the dog would eat the meat.
He also taught Chumley to pray: he’d put his paws together and growl.

The entire article is available here.

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