Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A different sort of gift

I found a link on Jennifer Fulwiler's blog to a post she highly recommended about a mother who just learned of her daughter's profound hearing loss.  Little did I know when I clicked on it that the mother is a friend from college pro-life work.  

I suppose that makes it all the more personal to me, but I still must recommend this brief reflection on the news, as well as the reaction of Anne's older daughter, who was also diagnosed with profound hearing loss when she was 14 months old.

Gianna was the person I wanted to share the news with the most; I knew the only reaction I would get from her would be unmitigated joy. She doesn't see herself as having a disability. Her Deafness is a fact to her in the same way she would say, "I am a girl. I am in kindergarten." It is not a negative. And it's with that spirit that I'd like to state, "Pia Catherine is a girl. She is 7 weeks old. She is Deaf."

Read it all here.

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