Monday, September 17, 2012

Ever wonder why Christian movies seem kind of dull?

Br. Gabriel Torretta, OP -- always an excellent writer -- pens his thoughts to the complicated question.  As someone who has asked the question quite frequently, I'm glad to read this perspective and give more consideration to how Catholic art can more fully be ... art. 

If this is the dynamic of art—reaching into reality, being changed by it, and revealing that transformative truth to others—then we can understand why books, films, or paintings that only serve as a vehicle for spreading an idea fail as art. Formally speaking, they are more akin to propaganda, even if they use the material of art. Writing a song because I want more people to buy my brand of toothpaste may be a valuable commercial move, but it is not art. Making a movie because I want more people to acknowledge St. Augustine as the greatest doctor of the Latin Church may be laudable catechesis, but it won’t turn into art.

Read it all on the Dominicana Blog.

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