Friday, August 31, 2012

Prayer requests

I can't even begin to chronicle the number of young couples I have known during the past year who have had complicated pregnancies and deliveries.  By complicated, I don't mean extra morning sickness or a week of bed rest.  These young couples have faced scary diagnoses, counsel to have an abortion and various losses -- losses of a baby or of faculties they would expect a healthy baby to have.  

Some of these couples are chronicling their experiences via blog.  Rod and Maria are following their one month old daughter's need for a heart transplant.  Matt and Maria are writing about the remaining months of pregnancy awaiting their baby boy who has anencephaly.

There are plenty of others who do not have blogs, but these two blogging Mamas remind us to pray for all who are in a similar situation, and to learn from their courageous witness for life and love.

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