Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Making the Domestic Church Beautiful"

My latest article on the Archdiocese of Cincinnati's "Being Catholic" blog appears today --

As we unpacked piles of boxes in our first place together, my husband and I began with the practical items we knew were necessary for daily life – towels, dishes, lamps.  But amidst the rush to find the practical, I found myself more eager to uncover a tablecloth, placemats, cloth napkins, the salt and pepper shaker and other kitchen table items to set a beautiful table for breakfast. Why would a nice table matter when the rest of the apartment looked like an obstacle course of cardboard, bubble wrap and wedding cards?  Because beauty is proper to a home.
In the months during engagement, I was surprised to find myself questioning why people have “nice things” or decorate a home.  What about a spirit of poverty, I thought.  What about detachment to earthly things and a longing for heaven?  Why have cloth napkins when death is inevitable, and in heaven we might realize that paper towels could have worked just fine?

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