Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And we're back!

I've always been fairly insistent that this not be a personal blog, but during my six week active blogging hiatus, I did something I've never done before ...  I got married!  So, I suppose it's time to break precedent and be a bit more personal.  

On July 7, we had a beautiful nuptial Mass on the hottest day in Cincinnati in seventy-something years.  We were incredibly blessed to have five good priest friends concelebrating the Mass.

And after our vows and ministering the Sacrament to one another, we have begun our vocation!  One month later, we continue to learn each day how to love, how to give, how to receive, and how to embrace God's plan for our lives more fully.  Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for us as we grow into our married vocation.  

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