Monday, August 13, 2012

A new look at Romeo and Juliet

Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith has a fascinating insight into the famed "Romeo and Juliet," which bears an important lesson for today.

What this play warns us about is the privatisation of love. Of course we admire Juliet and her Romeo, but the truth of the matter is, surely, that love is not a purely private matter. It has public resonance and the rite of marriage is always to be celebrated before proper witnesses, who represent the community in which the marriage takes place. Married love is a special relationship, but at the same time one of the many sorts of relationship that goes to make up the web of relationships that is society.
So, Romeo and Juliet and the Friar and the Nurse all ought to have given more thought to the needs, not just of the young couple, but of Verona itself.

You can read the entire commentary here.

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