Friday, March 25, 2011

Ways to show affection and maintain purity

At Kenosis on Tuesday night, the teens compiled lists of ways to show affection for a boyfriend or girlfriend while maintaining purity. Many of the suggestions were similar from small group to small group. One trend that struck me was the importance of in-person interaction that values the person. In a world that understands dating in terms of texting and facebook messages, the importance of valuing another person enough to have real life interaction is often a lost art.

Enjoy the list from the teens of Kenosis: Teen Disciples for Love and Life:

Alternative ways to show affection that maintain purity:

- Compliment your boyfriend/girlfriend’s purity
- Learn to swing/salsa dance rather than grind
- Go to Mass/Adoration with your boyfriend/girlfriend
- Court them/be courted
- Pray for and with your boyfriend/girlfriend
- Write your boyfriend/girlfriend handwritten letters.
- Get to know your boyfriend/girlfriend’s friends
- Dress modestly
- Introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your friends
- Speak purely
- Be proud of your boyfriend/girlfriend’s good qualities
- Call the person instead of texting!
- Dance lessons
- Make a handshake
- Volunteer together
- Write a love letter
- Go to Mass/Adoration together
- Take a TOB class at Ruah Woods
- Write a poem.
- Family parties.
- Tandem bike riding (builds trust and good communication
- Hugs
- Holding hands
- Smiling
- Small gifts (teddy bear, rose)
- Notes and letters.
- Young men opening doors, pulling out chairs and paying for things on dates.
- Talk to and get to know his/her family – spend time with the family
- Go for a walk.
- Hobbies together
- Chivalry!
- Girls: Be modest, be pleasant, not dramatic, be respectful
- Write letters.
- Exchange Bible verses
- Challenge each other to become the best version of yourself
- Dress modestly
- Go to Church/Adoration together
- Write Valentine’s Day cards to your future spouse
- Hang out in groups with friends or family
- Talk one-on-one, face-to-face

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