Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Is love solid enough?"

My Theology of the Body professor at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family recently shared a few reflections with the National Catholic Register.

Just to get you started:

Why is the body so crucial for the understanding of our life? The body is not important in itself, but in its service to the truth of love, which gives meaning to our existence. The body, when accepted as part of our identity, and not as a mere object and instrument, tells us that we are not autonomous and isolated beings. First, in the body we understand that we have been born into the world, and this means that we don’t have in ourselves the secret of our origin: We come from another; we come ultimately from God, who fashioned our bodies in our mothers’ wombs.


Thus, what the theology of the body offers us is not only a doctrine on sexuality, but a whole vision of the human being, of the world, of God, rooted on the truth of love. From this viewpoint, many other aspects of human life are illuminated, such as the meaning of working, of suffering, of healing, of the common good. The theology of the body, therefore, shows us that love is not only interesting or funny, but also solid enough so that we can build our life, and our whole civilization, upon it.

Read the rest here. Fr. Granados is considered the world's leading expert in Theology of the Body at the moment.

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