Friday, March 4, 2011

Glamour and Grace

Glamour and Grace is a new blog exploring the explosive topic of beauty for young women. It's off to a promising start.

An opening post gives a glimpse to the purpose:

Women are beautiful. All of them. Our beauty is both physical and interior to different extents. You are born with your looks but inner beauty (goodness, grace, virtue, and character) is practiced. It takes work. Physical beauty is captivating. It draws people in. Interior beauty is compelling. It moves people’s hearts. In other words, this beauty we have is powerful. It can change the course of a person’s life. Beauty causes people to want to know us, to like the thinks we like and to love the things we love. Most of all, our beauty makes others want to be loved by us.

Beauty gives us profound influence for good or for bad. Friends influence each-other all the time. Why? They see something attractive in the other person and they want to be like them.

Browse through the “stories” that are attached to this tab. Think about the women whose stories are told. Each woman has a great deal of physical beauty. Not all of these women, however, exhibit inner beauty. Consider each woman. Who does she love most in the world? Does she use her beauty selfishly or generously? Does her use of beauty affect how other people act? How do we see her in light of her actions? Do her actions add to or detract from how beautiful she appears to us? You might be surprised. A little selfishness does a lot of damage to a pretty face. A little character goes a long way in forming a beautiful image.
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