Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Someone else talking about emotional chastity!

It's a rarely discussed issue, so I'm happy to see Ashley Crouch from the Love and Fidelity Network looking more deeply into the importance of emotional chastity. Women are often given the idea that they are off the hook when it comes to the challenge of chastity, but when we look more deeply, we see that women often struggle in different ways than men.

Here's a bit of Ashley's thought:
In this frantic and busy world, many women are longing to be relational, but not willing to commit to the time and effort that is necessary for building a healthy relationship of authentic love. Instead, a woman may expect love and the feelings of love to happen to her, as if she found love by stumbling into it, rather than deliberately making choices to create and nurture it. By summarizing a few snapshots of time, brief conversations, and connecting the dots together, a woman may find herself creating a depiction of the man in question that is often skewed, one-dimensional, or even, completely disconnected from reality. She may live with these imaginations for any length of time, waiting for a date that may never come, refusing dates from other men, or at worst, becoming emotionally “married” to the idea of a relationship with the man who exists primarily in her head. While her emotions and feelings for him may be very real, unfortunately, the man with whom she believes to share a “connection” doesn’t exist. She idealizes the idea of romance with him to the detriment of her well-being.

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  1. I remember talking about this senior year! I keep hearing more and more about this over the past few years. I think at some point I wanted to write a book - thank God other, smarter people are writing about it!