Saturday, March 12, 2011

A tale of two families

A couple in Iowa recently gave an interview about the loss of their 12-hour old daughter ... and their wish that they could have had a late term abortion.

Watch the clip here.

It's a tragic story, and I don't think anyone would deny that. But to think that having a late term abortion -- a partial birth abortion -- would have solved the pain for all involved is even more tragic. The couple's excruciating pain is obvious. But to hear the father say, "We certainly shouldn't have had to go through this," followed by remarking that they hope that by changing the partial birth abortion law "some good will come from this" was baffling.

It's heartbreaking that the couple cannot value the gift of their daughter's life, even in her brief 12 hours of life. The fact that they would say they would have preferred partial birth abortion "to put an end to this nightmare" speaks of an underlying misunderstanding of life, love, compassion and suffering.

These comments are meant in no way to diminish sympathy for the couple. But until we understand life -- all life, every life -- as a gift from God, which He created for and with a purpose, then we are never going to embrace a culture of life.

As a contrast, watch another family's response to a painful situation:

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