Friday, January 21, 2011

This is brilliant!

From Nurit Weizman, of Modestly Yours, comes this wonderful imaginary conversation:
Betty: “How’s college going?”
Shirely: “Great! I love it!”
Betty: “Wonderful! What are you majoring in?”
Shirley: “What do you mean?”
Betty: “I mean…what is your major?”
Shirely: “Betty…are you from like the 1950s or something? No one has a major anymore!”
Betty: “They don’t?”
Shirely: “No way! Why settle with one major, when there’s so much to learn about in the world!”
Betty: “Uhh…”
Shirely: “We’re not tied down to any field! Why should one field of study take control over my life? What, am I slave or something?”
Betty: “Uhh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to..”
Shirley: “No, no don’t worry about it. How could you know any better? You just need to start being a bit more mature and honest about yourself. You know, we weren’t created to have one occupation.”
Shirley: “We weren’t?”
Betty: “Of course not! Look at the human brain! There are so many different ways to apply yourself. If we were created to be stimulated by so many different things, why not experiment in everything? I don’t plan on leaving college or thinking about a profession for 20 years!”

Obviously every analogy has its limitations, but I think this one is a good conversation starter. Be sure to read her thoughts in the full blog post here.

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  1. My cousin gots a broad dagree in business about 2 years ago. He is still looking for a Job.