Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One woman speaks out about abortion-suicide connection

This morning on the Son Rise Morning Show, I heard Donetta Robben share the story of her niece, who committed suicide only months after having an abortion. Intrigued by the interview, I found a 2001 article written by Donetta Robben. It is a painful story, but one that needs to be heard.

Here is an excerpt:
Donetta Robben gazed at her brother sitting across the rectangle table in the
investigator’s office. Both were anxious for answers.

The investigator
looked sympathetic as she sat down with the family. The words became blurred and
blended together: death, journals, drinking, pills, hurt, abortion. Abortion?

The word pierced.

Just two days ago Edwin Gillespie
had buried his daughter. Now he, along with his two children and his sister were
trying to understand why.

Shelly was a 22-year-old college student at
the University of Nebraska-Omaha. She was pretty, worked hard – keeping two jobs
along with school and liked to have fun – go to bars – party with friends. A
typical college student, or so the family thought.

Then, the call came.
Shelly was dead. An accidental overdose, or so read the autopsy report.

The answers to Shelly’s death were not in the report, nor were they in
the investigator’s office. The answers were written in Shelly’s journals –
several notebooks, where she poured out her internal pain, her moral struggles,
her broken relationships, her failure as a mother – as a daughter of God.

Shelly did have an abortion five months prior to her death. The family
did not know. Shelly thought they might hate her. So, instead, she became locked
in her own internal prison where the bars became heavier and heavier until she
felt crushed under the weight.

The trauma began before Shelly even left
for the clinic. She writes in her journal, "Dear Lord,
I sit here alone with
my thoughts wondering if you will ever find it in your heart to forgive me. Why
do I continue to fail you? I’m failing you because I’m turning away from the
precious gift of having a child. A child. A breathing, living, beautiful life
that I created but too selfish to accept from you. Will you still love me as a
child of yours? Will I still love me after today?"

Read the rest: As Abortion Advocates March, Woman’s Death Reveals Horror of Abortion

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