Sunday, January 30, 2011

DC Armory youth rally homily

I know I mentioned Fr. Patrick Riffle's outstanding youth rally homily in my reflections on the March for Life, but it's worth highlighting again. This is the type of homily to read, print out, file, e-mail to friends, read again, quote, and keep on hand for future reference.

A couple of nuggets to get you started:

The Gospel of Life is proclaimed first and foremost in the living out of our
Catholic faith in daily life. If you as a Catholic want to be pro-life, you must
be pro-Christ. That means that you must seek to live out your Catholic Faith in
its entirety. There is no room for half-heartedness, a picking and choosing to
believe in those parts of our faith that appeal to me, that is how the
relativism, which is the Culture of Death, is able to grab hold.

The best way that you as a young person can really be a living witness to the Gospel of Life is through living lives that are chaste and pure. It is one thing to say for a day, I respect and believe in the dignity of each and every person, and it is another to live it out in daily life each and everyday. You see when you live chastely, you are saying to those around you that you know the dignity that God has given them and that you know the dignity with which you were created, and nothing or no one can take that away. Keeping sex within the context of marriage, not viewing pornographic materials, keeping your Facebook page free from inappropriate materials all reaffirm your belief in that the dignity that belongs to each and every person. Men, you need to take the charge in this. So often the media and advocates for abortion would like to portray life issues as a woman’s issue, but it is an issue for both women and men alike. We are naturally the protectors of life. Never do anything that seeks to objectify or lessen the dignity of anyone, yourselves included, but most especially the dignity of a woman.
Read it all here.

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