Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Be a man!"

Rocky, at Pregnancy Center East, has some great thoughts about what it means to be a man.

I very seldom hear "you're the man" in good context, and it usually has to do
with picking up a girl or "getting some" from a girl (a.k.a robbing your sister
in Christ of her innocence) and not actually caring about them. Very rarely do
you hear "you're the man" after dating the same girl for a year in a chaste
relationship, or being married for 50 years, or telling guys to stop talking
smack about that girl that has no dignity left. You just don't hear that phrase
in the right context, almost EVER!

Why am i sharing this, you ask?
Because i want to rebel, I am starting now, we are going to change that phrase.
It is time for real men to be called out and called on again. I want to start
pointing out guys that are being men and tell them "you're the man" when they
are being chivalrous, when they are calling their brothers on to holiness. There
are too many men out there that don't get the compliment they deserve because
the phrase has become "watered down" and "used up" on the opposite.

Read his challenge to men here.


  1. I feel honored to make it to the big times here at Emily's blog! Stay Manly and DEMAND YOUR DIGNITY ladies, ya'll are beautiful and worth the fight