Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aggie Catholics: Would You Take Jesus To Taco Bell?

Marcel LeJeune of "Aggie Catholics" has a wonderful reflection today: Would You Take Jesus To Taco Bell?:

Do you know any misers? I am not talking about someone who prudently spends their money frugally, but someone who selfishly hoards it. A hypothetical example might help illuminate what a miser is.

Imagine you were dating someone who asked you out to dinner. But, the only place they are willing to take you is Taco Bell. It isn't because they think that Taco Bell is good food, but they know they can keep the date cheap. Now imagine that this happens every time you go out on a date. They only want to take you to fast food joints because they don't want to spend their money on taking you anywhere else.

This kind of person is a cheapskate. They selfishly value their money over you. They show just how little they value you by their actions.

How would you feel about the prospects of this relationship continuing? Doesn't sound much like marriage material in my opinion.

But, don't be too quick to judge. Too many Catholics treat Jesus in the same manner. How? Many of us don't tithe, but rather give when it is convenient and easy.

Most Catholics are tippers, not tithers. Many don't sacrificially give to God, but tip Him when they feel like it.

Read it all here.

The topic of tithing is an important one that is rarely addressed other than in terms of, "Tithe so God is more generous to you." It seems a rather self-serving approach. But if God has given us everything, then how can we not respond with generosity? How can we not entrust him with 10% of our finances? If we can't trust God with a portion of our income, then do we really trust Him in other areas?

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