Thursday, May 3, 2012

The "yes" of celibacy

Chris Stefanick has an excellent article about the "yes" to family that priests say in their vow of celibacy.  Here's a piece:
The sacrifice of celibacy that our priests make requires being alone in many ways. But the most intimate experiences of life and death, usually only shared with close family members, are also shared with them. They are there at our deathbeds, straddling time and eternity with us. Even if someone hasn’t practiced the faith in years, a priest is often their final escort. They are there at our weddings, standing as close to the bride and groom as they are to one another, a sign of Christ in the sacrament of marriage. They are holding our babies with us at baptism when they become children of God. At our lowest moments, they are waiting to lift us up in the confessional. Before a surgery, when only your spouse might be there holding your hand, your priest is also there, anointing you. And in tragic moments at 2 a.m., they are on call. These men have sacrificed family to be part of everyone’s family.

Read it all here.  At the very least, the story at the beginning is worth clicking!

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