Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some modest proposals

Kristine Cranley has written some wonderful reflections on the topic of modesty on Aggie Catholics.  Ladies and gents, it's well worth the read.  Kristine has a very balanced position about the level of responsibility and respect we have toward one another.

 It is important to note that dressing modestly doesn’t mean looking sloppy or unfashionable or ‘frumpy’ (do people still use that word or am I dating myself?). When I was leaving the religious community I spent a number of years discerning with, the sisters there gave me strict orders: “not to dress so that people say ‘Oh yeah, she used to be a nun, that’s why she dresses that way’”. It can be a challenge to dress becomingly in this culture whose fashions often militate against modesty, but I have witnessed many women whose modest dress is fashionable and stunning, as befits their dignity as a women. They have also taught me to be much more creative with wonderful accessories like scarves, camis, sweaters, leggings, boots and the like. Along with the magic of transforming an immodest outfit into a modest one, they are also a great way to accentuate one’s unique personality. 

 Kristine and I were in graduate school together, so I can affirm that she practices what she preaches. Read what she has to say here.

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