Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Law of the Gift

I could read Cardinal Dolan's speeches (or better yet, listen to them) all day.  Even his commencement address at the Catholic University of America was one that I enjoyed reading.  His theme was the "law of the gift," a topic that John Paul II expounds upon throughout Theology of the Body.  But it's all broken down quite succinctly in the Cardinal's speech, along with this thoughts on Catholic education.  Like this:

Is not a big part of our gladness and pride this happy morning of graduation a grateful recognition that this university does indeed exude such “ecclesial communion and solidarity?” That this university is both Catholic and American, flowing from the most noble ideals of truth and respect for human dignity that are at the heart of our Church and our country? That a university’s genuine greatness comes not from pursuing what is most chic, recent, or faddish, but what is most timeless, true, good, and beautiful in creation and creatures? That the true goal of a university is to prepare a student not only for a career but for fullness of life here and in eternity?

Read the whole speech here. 

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