Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hope remains

It's been awhile since a legitimate, original post.  Things have been busy, and I'm suffering a case of "writer's cramp."  Never a fun thing for a daily blogger.  I've tried to find stories that are of interest and things on which to comment.  There are plenty -- maybe too many -- but they aren't very uplifting.  We have the continuing debate following the HHS mandate, a president who has vocalized his support for same-sex "marriage," and the usual issues of the day.  At times, it's overwhelming to offer commentary on all of these topics.  There are so many!

So, rather than choose an issue for today to examine and critique, I'd like to share some good news.  

Our Kenosis teens are such a gift!  And I am quite confident that they, rooted in Christ, will transform the culture in yet-to-be-seen ways in the future.  After all, look at some of their projects and missions thus far:

- Beginning outreaches to teach Theology of the Body for Teens: Middle School Edition to 7-8th graders.

- Speaking about Theology of the Body in high school classes.

- Entering college seminary.

- Incorporating Theology of the Body concepts into college admissions essays.

- Creating videos to share Theology of the Body.

Some of these moments of evangelization occur one conversation, one mouse-click, one keyboard-strike at a time, but all together they are working to transform our culture of death into one of life, our civilization of use into one of love.  

So, amidst the sad stories of lost freedom, misunderstandings of love and life, we are blessed in the Tri-State area with dozens of high school students who desire to draw close to Christ and bring His love to the world.

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  1. Hope is the most important thing to fight the darkness, is it not? Keep bringing Hope to those around you - keep sharing the beauty and truth that brings us peace!