Friday, February 4, 2011

YouCat = Youth Catechism

Pope Benedict XVI sounds excited about "YouCat," a new youth catechism, which will be distributed at World Youth Day, and published in 13 languages by April 4. The Holy Father's thoughts concerning the new youth catechism, as well as a description of the process of its preparation, are available in this article.


  1. It sounds utterly dreadful.

  2. Anonymous, I'm not sure why you say that. Pope Benedict XVI has stated that the catechism does not water down the faith. It merely presents the beauty of Catholicism in a Q&A format that will engage young people. In fact, the Holy Father said the youth catechism will challenge:

    “Some people tell me that the youth of today are not interested in the catechism, but I do not believe this statement and I am certain that I am right,” writes Pope Benedict in his preface for the book. “They are not as superficial as they are accused of being; young people want to know what life really is about.” The Pope says that he hopes young people will be “captivated” by the book, and use it to deepen their understanding of the faith. “You need to know what you believe,” he tells young readers. He stresses the need for young people to develop a healthy spiritual life, “so your faith does not dry up like a drop of dew in the sun, so you do not succumb to the temptations of consumerism, so your love is not drowned in pornography, so you do not betray the weak, the victims of abuse and violence" (