Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New birth control commercial -- It's all about me

Thanks to American Papist for highlighting a new Beyaz birth control commercial. First, take a moment to watch the commercial:

While it may seem that strolling through a pristine department store with long flowing curls and little pink dresses gives a vision of womanhood that will make the Pill overpoweringly attractive, I think this commercial does the opposite. The commercial highlights, ironically, that the lifestyle encouraged by contraceptive is inherently unattractive. We see this when one young lady scowls at another, after she walks away with the “man” they both were pursuing. And there is something absolutely chilling about seeing a woman laughingly decline the stork’s offer of a child, as if she were telling the woman at the grocery store she’s not interested in trying today’s pizza roll sample.

Each of these women has chosen a self-enclosed lifestyle. Notice that none of them interact with one another as they meander through the mall of their dreams. In their individual little worlds they choose a “significant other,” a dream house, a vacation, a picnic by a waterfall, a graduate degree. But how is this a joyful life? To live by oneself, separated from others, yet accumulating the “stuff” that one desires will hardly lead to a lifetime of happiness. (And does it even need to be said that women who are not on birth control have been known to find significant others, dream houses, vacations, picnics by a waterfall and graduate degrees?)

Bayer Beyaz has done a remarkable job highlighting the self-centered nature of a contraceptive culture. But without sacrifice, self-control and generosity, these young women are going to discover that a pill a day doesn’t keep discontent away. It’s only in embracing the sacrifice, self-control and generosity that they will respond to their true call to greatness and find themselves amidst other human beings who long to give and receive love.

Thank you, Bayer Beyaz, for articulating the emptiness of a contraceptive culture. Now, can you please remove your commercial and your product?

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  1. "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." and this video shows how sterile (no pun intended) those plans can be in comparison to the nitty gritty of actual life.