Thursday, February 24, 2011

"A knight worth waiting for"

My fellow John Paul II Institute graduate, Shaina Tanguay-Colucci, shares some awesome reflections about authentic masculinity in her latest blog post for the Diocese of Portland, Maine. She examines three different examples of manhood from popular movies to point to traits of authentic masculinity.

To get you started:

I used to have a long list of the qualities I believed a guy needed to have
to be worthy of respect (I wanted a Eucharist-loving, guitar-playing, Knight of
Columbus, song-writing, sports-loving, rugged, foreign, cleans up well but also
can rock a beard, empathetic, generous, solid man…). I have slightly adapted
this list to:

· A man of deep, abiding faith
· A man of integrity
· A man who embodies authentic masculinity

(If he could be all these
three and also leave me in stitches with his sense of humor, that would be
awesome, or as some might say, phenomenal.)

Though Flynn Rider does come to embody these qualities, I’d like to turn to
three other examples from popular culture of authentic

Read the rest here.

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