Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Spiritual Sustenance: Feed Us with Your Beauty"

Wonderful reflection to start your Tuesday morning: Spiritual Sustenance: Feed Us with Your Beauty. Katrina Fernandez shares her thoughts on the importance of beauty in our faith and in our world.

Just to get you started:

On any given day I am too-little exposed to beauty. I sit in traffic each morning staring at grey asphalt; I ride through treeless streets lined with utilitarian, ugly, ornament-free buildings and spend the remainder of my day in a cube. I imagine this is typical for most people: we go through the day surrounded by the mundane, and not realizing we miss beauty.

In my home though, I surround myself with beauty. I have it hanging on the walls and pouring out of stereo speakers. I visit it in my mind through pages in a book. And I realize that my home has become a sanctuary of beauty, because modern churches are not.

Churches used to be the source for transcendent beauty, the places where ordinary people could experience that overwhelming gasp-inspiring spiritual soaring because they were surrounded by it, immersed in it. Churches used to make the soul sing for God.

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