Friday, February 25, 2011

"Where have all the good (wo)men gone?"

Yesterday I read Jennifer Fulwiler's article, "Where have all the good (wo)men gone?" It was a good look at the blame game that goes on between the sexes, both pointing figures and saying, "But there are no good men/women out there."

But there are.

In fact, Kenosis teens spent their Tuesday night giving witness to this fact by creating various projects. While I can't share the details yet, I did want to share one young woman's reflections, which she left on my desk after the meeting.

This high school student wrote: "A real man has the courage to put his heart on the line for the girl he loves, even if there is a chance of rejection. He has the humility to show her that he is willing to do anything for her. A man should protect your heart and purity by taking his time. He shouldn't give himself or ask for you to give yourself before he knows for sure that he is willing to love you forever. By waiting and getting to know your whole person, he will protect you from possible heartbreak."


  1. true,true, I'm part of Kenosis and can't wait to hear the results of that Tuesday.

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