Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Using eggs from aborted babies to ... make a baby??

What happens when there is a worldwide "egg shortage" for artificial reproductive technologies? Well, we're already aware that there are aggressive campaigns to target the smartest, most beautiful, most talented women to extract their eggs for outlandish sums of money. Some are even aware of the women who have died in these procedures or the complicated health issues that some have faced after "donating" their eggs. (I thought donating was a term used for giving without an economic benefit in return.)

And now, the "egg shortage" has us looking somewhere else.
Aborted baby girls.
It's absolutely horrific, but as testing is underway, it unfortunately may be true. From the Daily Mail:
Scientists are ready to plunder the ovaries of aborted babies for eggs to use in IVF treatment. Experiments have taken the process almost to completion, it emerged yesterday.

They raise the nightmare prospect of a child whose biological mother has never been born. The news, from a scientific conference in Madrid, was greeted with widespread revulsion at how far science is testing ethical frontiers.

Experts warned of appalling emotional and biological problems.

But fertility doctors say the development could ease a worldwide shortage of donated eggs for women who cannot produce their own.

Only last week a British clinic offered cut-price IVF treatment to women who agreed to donate eggs.

Scientists have known for some time that female foetuses develop ovaries after as little as 16 weeks in the womb.

Now researchers from Israel and the Netherlands have kept ovarian tissue from aborted foetuses alive in the laboratory for several weeks.

They stopped the experiment at the point where they believed eggs were about to be produced. Chief researcher Dr Tal Biron-Shental said it was 'theoretically possible' that with extra hormone treatment they could have produced mature eggs suitable for IVF use.

He claimed it would be ethically 'almost the same' as existing techniques.

Details of the major research programme were unveiled at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Madrid.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-186802/Should-eggs-aborted-babies.html#ixzz2PKWnb0MZ.
What in the world is going on today? How could we ever become so fixated on getting what we want that we would use babies that "aren't wanted" to create babies for those who "want" them? What kind of wanting is that? We can consider using the body of a baby who never got to see the world to become the raw genetic material for another baby?  We can find it "ethical" to use an unborn baby as a mother?

Please tell me how you would explain that to a child!  "Well, sweetheart, we wanted you so badly that we found a beautiful baby whose mother didn't want her, and we took her eggs so that her life mattered ... because now we have you!"

It's nauseating that we have doctors and researchers who would even consider such a thing and begin testing it!

Pandora's Box opened wider than ever in 1960 as the birth control pill was revealed to the world.  I think somewhere between then and now the lid of the box has been ripped off and thrown into the ocean.  The problems and ideas and "solutions" being purported today at alarming rates are far more horrific than Huxley, Orwell or any other prophet of the modern age could have been.  

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