Thursday, April 4, 2013

Letters from Prison

Kresta in the Afternoon shared these poignant letters from Vatican Radio's site. There are a number of them, each written by Los Angeles county young people in juvenile prison.  The letters were written to Pope Francis after the youth were touched by the news that he was visiting a youth prison in Italy for Holy Thursday Mass.
Dear Pope Francis,
When Jesus washed the feet of his friends he gave an example of humility. I have been raised to believe that it is only with respect in hurting your enemy that you are a man. Tonight you and Jesus show me something in this washing of the feet something very different. I hope we kids learn from this.
Dear Pope Francis,
I have never been to Rome. I do not know if it is near Los Angeles
because all my youth I have only known my neighborhood. I hope one
day I will be given a second chance and receive a blessing from you
and maybe even have my feet washed on Holy Thursday.

You can read others at Vatican Radio.

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