Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finding hope in tragedy

We're all still asking questions after more than a week since "Boston." We want to know why. We want to know how two people could ever conspire to do such a thing. We want to know what is happening to the world.
Amidst all of our sorrow, fear and heartache, there comes this. Newlyweds Patrick and Jess Downes were both watching the marathon from the finish line, reminiscing about their participation in the race in 2005 before they knew each other. The next thing they knew, there was a blast. In the chaos, they were separated at two different hospitals. Both lost their left leg.
And yet, as the horrible tragedy impacts them both in ways they never could have realized, just before they celebrate nine months of marriage, what did Patrick, who is pursuing his doctorate in psychology, have to say to his father? “Dad, maybe this will make me a better psychologist."
Even in the tragedy, there is hope, there is goodness, there is love.

Let's keep the Downes in our prayers, as well as all of the victims, as they seek physical and emotional healing, and allow good to come from evil.  

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