Monday, February 4, 2013

Oscar-nominated "Amour's" link to Nazi propaganda

Last month I wrote about Barbara Nicolosi's commentary on the fact that pro-euthanasia foreign film, "Amour" has been nominated for multiple Oscars. Now, she has outlined the striking similarities between "Amour" and a Nazi film from 1941:
As the Bible notes about the evils that men do, “There is nothing new under the sun.” So now, the latest “old” thing is to kill the sick and suffering… and soon, the embarrassing. So, the cultural Left is hugely on the bandwagon creating propaganda to convince us that killing the expensive people in our midst is an act of love and kindness and, uh, prudence. It’s the kind of thing where you want the insurance companies to have to pay the money they will save from euthanasia into a fund for orphans or something, you know,’ just for confidence sake.’

People are asking me if I think it is “just a coincidence” that the plot of ”Amour” is a near perfect twin to Goebbels’ film. My thinking is that true creativity is impossible to the demons. They recycle what works for them. But somebody needs to get the director to own up. It would be implausible to suggest that “Amour” just happened to get all the main beats of the Nazi film.

You can read the rest of Barbara Nicolosi's comparisons here.

It will be interesting to see what films are celebrated at the Academy Awards this year and how the winners reflect our cultural patterns.  One can only hope they do not follow the path of Nazi propaganda.  

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