Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What about the encyclical on faith?

Last night, right before falling asleep, my eyes widened and I exclaimed, "But what about the new encyclical on faith?"  If you have forgotten or didn't know, the Holy Father had announced a couple of months ago that he was nearly finished writing an encyclical on faith that would be released during lent this year.

Well, I just did a bit of research and learned here that Fr. Federico Lombardi said in a press conference this morning that the encyclical will not be ready in time, and so there will not be an encyclical.  That's certainly a loss for all of us in this Year of Faith, but as my husband said last night, perhaps the Holy Spirit had reasons why it was better for us to not receive this particular encyclical.  

The question remains whether or not the Holy Father's writings will be published at a later date as a non-papal document. 

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