Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Happy Anniversary, Baby"

First, it was the disturbing video comparing first time voting to losing one's virginity.  Now, it's disturbing all over again with a 40th anniversary "celebration" of Roe v. Wade that brings all of its sexual overtones, gleeful smiles and unbelievably inappropriate comparison of the anniversary of legalized abortion to a wedding anniversary (or "partner" anniversary ... I mean, all he calls the mystery woman is "baby" over and over again ... and how ironic is that!).

Perhaps you've already seen this video, which was released a few days ago.  And if you haven't, taking a minute and a half to watch it should solidify your pro-life views or reactivate them:


Apparently, nothing says, "I love you" like a creepy man insinuating that abortion is some sort of substitute for a unitive and procreative act.  In reality, it destroys both unity and procreation.  But for some reason, Mr. Romantic can show off his rose and his drink as if to say to the women of America, "These forty years allow me to love you, to respect you."

I'll never forget the time I was protesting outside of a pro-abortion gathering in Boston several years ago.  A young man holding a "Keep Abortion Legal" sign was also wearing a small pin on the lapel of his suit.  It said, "I [heart] pro-choice girls."

It was quite telling.  If a man is after sex and personal gratification, immediate gratification, then "hearting" pro-choice girls makes a lot of sense.  Get what you want now.  Get rid of the evidence/problem/burden later.  

But if a man loves, respects, cherishes, then he can sacrifice.  Then he wants to sacrifice.  Then the idea of putting a woman through these sorts of experiences is utterly revolting, unthinkable, not even on the radar screen.  

What's so attractive about Mr. Happy Anniversary Baby celebrating something that has destroyed the lives of millions of women, 55 million babies and, yes, even millions of men?  What's so appealing about a man enjoying a drink to celebrate his run from manhood for the last forty years?  

I hope we can look back at this disgusting moment in abortion history as one of the last moments.  Ironically, something as disturbing as this could work to build a culture of life when people realize what's really behind the pro-"choice" movement.  

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  1. That is seductive, overtly sexual and hideously self serving.He and "Baby" can have sex with whomever and whenever, candy store is open . Like Satan tempting Christ, "you can have all this".... if you kill the child. Sex and self gratification, murder and no remorse are crimes calling out for vengeance from God. We will all suffer the consequences.